Today’s post is about 10 upcoming, real-life products that are set to revolutionize the world as we know...
Analytics Path evolved Big Data Analytics Training in Bangalore. which is being offered by our “Analytics Path” training institute is greatly acknowledged by the domain experts for our evolved training methodologies that help the students in grasping the best set of skills and hands-on real-time knowledge. The analytics Path top rated training program of Big Data Analytics Course In Bangalore.
Tooth Talez Clinic is a versatile private Dental Hospital known for its varied range of Dentist in Jaipur. We believe every tooth needs to be saved. We have the best quality RVG , OPG systems, intra oral cameras, and Mikro Sunny ace diode surgical laser. On account of our unmatched quality control and years of experience, we give lifetime guarantee on dental clinic in jaipur
i' GRACE' Event Organisers is the Best Event Management company in Vizag. We offer professional Planning and Event Management services for Corporate Events, Conference Events, Product Launch Events, Fashion and Entertainment Events. You can be very confident in the creative design and expertise of our event planners to carefully plan your events and turning into a grand Successful Event.
We undertake all types of events particularly we are specialized at given below events
Corporate Events, Wedding Events, Audio Launches, Product Launches, Celebrity Events, Social Events, Brand Promotions,
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Ruhan Swain Rajput, Director, Einfolge Headquartered in Bangalore, Headquartered in Bangalore, Einfolge is a global leader in offering Patent and Market Research solutions such as Patent & IPR, Market & Business Research, Clinical Data Management and Legal Data Assessment, thus enabling clients to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance business efficiencies.
New Delhi : During 2014-2017, the India Patent Office received 5,448 patent applications from the agriculture sector, majority of which were filed in the agrochemicals segment (biocides, pesticides, herbicides, pest repellents), according to a recent Study conducted by Einfolge, a Patent and Market Research Organisation.
Indian pharma is thinking beyond generics and is investing considerably in developing new drugs and filing patents. This change is attributed to the post 2014 drug patent guidelines and facilitation by the Indian government for promotion of innovation, manufacturing and developing India as drug hub, according to Ruhan Rajput, Director, Einfolge. In an email interaction with Nandita Vijay, he elaborates the current patent scene in the country and challenges the companies face. Excerpts.
Ruhan Swain Rajput is the Co-founder & Director of EINFOLGE – A Global Leader in Patent and Market Research.
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